Ted and Bethany, with coffee cups

The Proposal

In November of 2011, Ted and Bethany were traveling to Ted's aunt and uncle's house in Portland for Thanksgiving (or so she thought). Driving to Portland through the Columbia Gorge, Bethany and Ted began drinking lots of water to try and get over their colds. They had been making frequent stops, so when Ted suggested they use the restrooms at Multnomah Falls, Bethany thought nothing of it.

Having completed the full hike to the top of Multnomah Falls on their camping trip in 2008, Bethany assumed they would keep driving after using the facilities. However, Ted suggested that they walk to the bridge that overlooks the waterfalls. Ted and Bethany stood there, letting the refreshing mist coming off the falls brush their faces.

Ted then began saying, "The real reason we came up here, was not to use the bathroom, but because I have to ask you a question…" He then got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes, and they are ecstatic to be getting married.

Ted had many more surprises for Bethany that night, including writing a song for her, taking her out to dinner and staying the night at the historic Hood River Hotel. He even snuck a dress and heels for her in the car without her knowing!

Ted and Bethany, standing by an old building

How They Met

Ted and Bethany met in high school jazz choir in the fall of 2004. Ted played drums in the accompaniment and Bethany was impressed by his undeniable musical talent. Bethany immediately began asking her friends who this Kenny-G-like male was. Ted, all the while, was oblivious to Bethany's existence. Bethany and her friends devised a plan to get Ted to notice her. Needless to say, Ted was eventually intrigued by Bethany and their friendship grew into a loving relationship in the spring of 2005.

Gift Registry

If you plan to get Ted and Bethany a wedding gift, please check to be sure someone else hasn't already purchased the same item. They are registered at:

Ted and Bethany, sipping soda

Ted and Bethany, laughing together

Ted kissing Bethany

Ted and Bethany, gazing

The Venue

Ceremony & Reception will be at:

The Glover Mansion
321 West 8th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99204

Phone: 509-459-0000

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Parking is free at 9th & McClellan, next to:

Providence Orthopedic Specs
820 S. Mcclellan St. #300
Spokane, WA 99204

Places to Stay

Nearby Accomodations…
Hotel Name Cost Per Night
Hotel Ruby $80 to $140
Hotel Lusso $99 to $139
The Davenport Tower $139 to $159
The Davenport Hotel $150 to $179
Oxford Suites $119 to $199

For Lusso or Davenport, ask for the "glover" discount via phone, or use promo code GLOVER online. For a discount at Oxford Suites, mention "Smith - Powers wedding."


  • Breya Stephenson
    (maid of honor)
  • Hana Smith
    (matron of honor)
  • Carol Powers
  • Ellie Powers
  • Emily Logan
  • Katie Wyrick
  • MacKenzie Walker
  • Maura Watts


  • Tyler Armour
    (best man)
  • Andrew Smith
  • Javier Suarez
  • Luke Taklo
  • Nathan Smith
  • Tim Meinig
Andrew & Hana
Andrew & Hana
Breya & Bethany
Carol Powers
Bethany & Ellie
Emily & Bethany
Katie & Bethany
Luke Taklo
Bethany & MacKenzie
Bethany & Maura
Nathan Smith
Tyler, Ted, Javier, Tim - posing with Butch the Cougar mascot
Tyler, Ted, Butch, Javier, Tim
Bethany & Ted, walking together
Ted & Bethany

Save the date: June 15th, 2012